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Kamagra Buy Usa
Moko Hair & Beauty Party Packages
25th April 2016

We offer a range of bespoke Moko Hair & Beauty Party packages for all ages. Hosted upstairs in the salon, on your own private level with a music system and iPads for your party guests to browse.  We want your party to be unique, so you can choose which  hair and beauty treatments you would like your […]

Kamagra Buy Usa
Moko His & Hers Package
28th October 2015

Stuck for a gift idea? Why not treat your loved one to a spot of hair & beauty pampering whilst getting in on the act yourself? Sounds perfect we know! Our new His & Hers service is packed full of treatments for body and soul to leave you and your partner feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Simply […]

26th August 2015

We are always happy to welcome new customers to Moko Salon & Spa and you can claim a 30% discount on your first appointment simply by quoting “Moko website new client offer” at the till, when paying for your first appointment. In order to qualify for the offer you will need to book a return […]