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45 Mins 27.00

A celeb fav must have treatment, our highly trained Hd Brow experts use a precise brow mapping formula to design your unique shape before using a combination of High Definition hair removal techniques including tinting waxing, threading, tweezing and trimming – all to create the perfect brow shape for you!

*Patch test required

HD Make Up

45 Mins 40.00

To complement our award-winning hairdressing we are now offering HD makeup, so whether you’re looking for bridal makeup for your special day, prom make-up, for special occasions or for a night out, Moko’s HD makeup retail range and fully trained team can create the ultimate look. Relax in our very own Hd Room coupled with selfie’ lighting and hair styling services, you’ll leave the salon feeling and looking your most beautiful.

Strip Lashes from 10.00

Purchase Kamagra Jelly Online

Lashes At Moko

Nouveau Lash Extensions

Professionally applied lash extensions giving you the appearance of fuller, thicker looking lashes.

Classic Extensions – 65.00
Infill‘s (required every 2-3 weeks) – From 35.00
Removal – 10.00

Kamagra Oral Jelly Uk Paypal

LVL Lashes

60 Min 49.00

The LVL Lash Lift is the revolutionary lash phenomenon that reveals your natural lashes in all their glory. Exclusive to Nouveau Lashes, the LVL effect is about freedom. It’s about knowing your eyes will be the centre of attention. Without you having to do a thing. Make the most of what nature gave you with length, volume and lift effect of LVL.

*Patch test required

Moko Manicures & Pedicures

Our manicures are customised treatments that care for the hands, specifically addressing dry, ageing skin, rough cuticles and nail health. Moko’s nail therapists will consult with you to help you determine the body care products and aromas that best meet your needs.

Varnish TherapistGraduate TherapistTrainee Therapist
Manicure 26.0023.0013.00
Luxury Manicure35.0030.0018.00
Pedicure 32.0028.0016.00
Luxury Pedicure 40.0034.0020.00
Gel TherapistGraduate TherapistTrainee Therapist
Pedicure 40.0034.0020.00
Hands 25.0023.0013.00

Nail Art

1 - 10

Nail Extension’s

Add length or change the shape of the natural nail with ‘builder’ gel, you can leave as natural finish or have gel polish over the top.

Full Set 40.00
Infill‘s 27.00 2-3 weeks
*Available selected days please call for more informationKamagra Buy Online

Hair Removal

Our waxing specialists strive to provide effective hair removal whilst ensuring maximum comfort, Using two different types of wax allows us to customize for the area of removal. We use strip wax and also Lycon hot waxes for the more sensitive and intimate area’s, Lycon is designed to make your waxing treatments easier with very little pain and can remove hair from as little as 1mm.

Waxing Strip WaxLycon
Lip wax 6.00 6.00
Chin wax 6.00 6.00
Eyebrow wax 9.00
Lip & chin wax10.0010.00
Underarm wax11.0011.00
Half arm wax11.00
Full arm wax17.00
Half leg wax18.50
Bikini plus20.0025.00
HD Brows27.00
Full leg wax28.00

Kamagra Buy


Lip or chin – 6.00

Eyebrows  – 8.00

Face – 8.00

Lip & chin – 10.00


Eyebrow – 7.00

Lashes – 14.00

Eyebrow Tint & Thread – 14.00

Eyebrow Tint & Wax – 15.00


Electrolysis Hair Removal

An advanced hair removal technique using a sterex probe directly inserted into each hair follicle. Each individual hair requires repeated treatments for successful and effective results. Book your free consultation

5 Min – 13.00 10 Min – 15.00

15 Min – 18.00 20 Min – 22.00


Moko Tanning Room

Kamagra Buy Online India

 Kissed By Mii’ Spray tanning is created to care for your skin, with marine minerals extracts taking the nourishing benefits of coral seaweed and coastal flowers to replenish your skin’s natural minerals, leaving it sublimely soft so your tan can develop delivering bronzed beautifying results.

Full body – 25.00